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We’re a crazy family of online video fanatics and Internet geeks. We lose sleep over our obsession with browsing, producing, loading, strategizing, designing, optimizing, promoting, watching, and sharing YouTube videos. We laugh at witty scripts, cry over inspiring production, fawn over intelligent marketing and overanalyze viral trends.

Welcome to Fullscreen.

Our mission to empower the world’s content creators and brands on YouTube began in Los Angeles, one sunny afternoon in January 2011. George Strompolos, a co-founder of YouTube’s Partner program, recognized that the web was revolutionizing how world-class talent was being discovered and enjoyed. He also believed that the future of media would be completely built on innovative technology. So he rolled up his sleeves and began designing a solution that would provide the proper infrastructure and support for the next generation of content creators and brands.

First on the agenda was to recruit a couple of rockstar engineers to build out proprietary tools for enhancing channels’ presence on YouTube. Very quickly, creators both early and far into their careers began using our tools to develop their audiences and monetize their videos. And soon, brands and networks were knocking on our door, inquiring about our expertise in how to succeed on YouTube. Today we’re a global network of creators and brands with more than 1.3 billion monthly views, 100 million subscribers, and 100 awesome employees.

We’re excited for this journey into the future of media, and we’re so glad you’re joining us. Watch a ton of videos, and when you discover a goodie, please share it with us via @Fullscreen. We’ll crowd around a computer, turn up the volume, and fullscreen it.