Introducing Fullscreen forums

Community is a huge deal for us at Fullscreen—in fact, community is the reason why we created the Fullscreen network in the first place. Though it’s possible to build a YouTube presence on your own, we believe that being part of a family of fellow creators gives you incredible support from people who understand your dreams and are experiencing similar struggles. Plus, it’s more fun this way.

I’m very happy to announce that today we launched the new Fullscreen forums to beta. We built this product to foster collaborations and cultivate friendships within our network. We hope you’ll use the Forums to meet one another, ask a lot of questions, find a lot of answers, share your expertise, and connect with creators both around the globe and in your own neighborhood.

Forums Tab

Next time you log into the Dashboard, you should see a new tab titled Forums. Once you accept our new Community Guidelines, you’ll be able to dive into the conversations. To keep discussion focused, we’ve divided the Forums into several sections. The General section is to discuss anything and everything relevant to YouTube creators. The Fullscreen section is for talking about things related to Fullscreen. Plus, if you’re a member of a Fullscreen subnetwork, you’ll see a section of forums dedicated to your subnetwork.

Recent Activity on User Profiles

Every Fullscreen creator will receive a profile, which you can edit in your Settings. Your profile will be how other partners contact you. You’re in complete control over what others see on your profile, so use this to display what opportunities you’re looking for along with how to best get ahold of you.

We hope you enjoy this new feature—let us know what you think! We’ve just gotten started and there is a lot more to come. See you in the Forums!