Fullscreen Launches Million Dollar Creator Fund

Like many of us in Fullscreen, I began creating content before YouTube existed. I remember shooting a comedy pilot in film school about college students called Party Animals and shopping it around to multiple TV networks, hoping to nail a deal to help pay for rent.

Unfortunately, I had no luck until a major network opened an online competition that offered the chance to get your pilot seen by network executives. I immediately employed help from my family, friends, and film school and began vigorously promoting the pilot through MySpace, Friendster, and all  the other cool online networks at that time. The pilot ended up placing in top five of the competition and was eventually sold. But most important, I learned about the incredible power of gaining exposure through marketing my content online and having a supportive network of people in my life.

If you’ve joined the Fullscreen family, it means we believe in the story you have to tell and the song you have to sing, and we want to be part of the supportive network in your life. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Million Dollar Creator Fund. Beginning December 1, 2012, we’re committing $1 million worth of advertising and promotion to Fullscreen creators.

On the first of every month, Fullscreen will select four channels that have created excellent work in the previous month to receive a marketing grant up to $10,000. If your channel is selected, the money will go towards preroll advertising for your channel within the Fullscreen network and your channel’s very own Gorilla campaign. Having your own campaign on Gorilla—our sponsorship and cross-promotional marketplace—will invite all Fullscreen creators to authentically talk about your channel and drive their audience to it.

The channels will be chosen monthly by the following categories:

  • Newcomer Award: The most promising new channel that joined the Fullscreen network.
  • Growth Award: The channel with the most viewed video that month.
  • Gorilla Award: The channel with the most creative and well-produced video submitted to a recent Gorilla campaign.
  • Network Submission Award: The channel with the most entertaining video submitted to the main channel of a Fullscreen niche network (e.g. TinyGalaxy, MomPulse, World of Dance, Arcade, etc.)

If you’re part of Fullscreen already, you’re already being considered, so there’s no need to submit your channel. Remember to support your fellow Fullscreen creators by checking the Gorilla tab in your dashboard so you can help promote their channel.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us with your videos!