Happy Two Years, Fullscreen!

Dear Fullscreen family,

Two years ago today, right after moving to Los Angeles, I opened up a laptop in my empty apartment and incorporated “Fullscreen, Inc.” as a California company. The following two years turned out to be the most rewarding years of my life.

I first fell in love with video when I was in elementary school. My friends and I saved up enough money to purchase a toy camcorder called the PXL-2000. We must’ve shot hundreds of videos using the same tape, recording over it time and time again until the quality of the videos became practically unwatchable. One of my friends from the neighborhood was Soung Kang. Soung became the first Fullscreen employee two years ago and is still here today.

George founding Fullscreen on January 25, 2011, in his empty apartment

Looking back, I remember agonizing for weeks over what to name the new startup. I eventually chose the name Fullscreen because I felt it symbolizes growth and maximum potential for online videos. That very notion has remained core to our mission since day one.

Today, with nearly two billion monthly views and over 100 million subscribers, I’m proud to say that we’ve built the largest and most advanced independent YouTube network, brick by brick and view by view. None of this would be possible without the awesome team here at Fullscreen and the creators and brands in our network. Their passion and dedication for innovation continues to amaze me every day.

It feels good to know that we’re empowering a new creative class to share their work and make a living doing what they love. It is rewarding to help brands act like creators themselves in this always-on, channelized world. I am unbelievably excited about what’s next for our industry.

These are still early days. We envision a global network, accessible on multiple platforms, built on incredible technology and fueled by the creativity of thousands. I am confident that together, we will achieve this vision.

Happy two-year anniversary to our network, staff and friends!