Fullscreen and Universal Music Help You Monetize Cover Songs

Every day, artists spend countless hours devoted to their instruments, cameras and computer screens, composing original melodies to share with the world. Thanks to the YouTube Partner Program, these creators have been able to monetize their original work.

In addition to composing original music, many musicians also “cover” songs on YouTube. They reimagine songs originally written by another songwriter and creatively rework them in their unique style. Despite the hard work put in producing the video and the success of the final product, they have historically been unable to monetize from their covers.

I’m thrilled to announce today that Fullscreen and Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), the largest music publisher in the world, have reached a landmark deal that allows Fullscreen musicians to legally monetize any song they cover in UMPG’s enormous library. The deal also ensures that the original songwriter will share in each cover song’s revenue.

MGThis deal recognizes that cover songs are beneficial to both the original songwriters and the artists reinterpreting their material. A fantastic rendition of a popular song playing on Top 40 radio stations can bring millions of views and incredible exposure to emerging artists on YouTube. By the same token, a successful cover by a popular artist on YouTube of a song that has long faded from the Billboard charts can bring back old fans and introduce new ones to the original recording.

In the coming days, musicians in the Fullcsreen network will receive more information on how the process of uploading new covers—and monetizing existing ones—will work. If you’re an artist outside of Fullscreen looking to monetize your covers, I encourage you to apply to become a Fullscreen musician to learn more.

Our music network has more than 700 incredibly talented musicians who are  passionate about sharing their music with the world. Armed with the ability to properly monetize their work, this passion becomes something greater than a fun pastime—it becomes a dream career.

I applaud our artists for the powerful and inspiring content they continue to create. You delight hundreds of millions of fans all around the world, and we’re so honored to be part of your amazing journey.