Welcome Devin Super Tramp!

Over the years, YouTube creators have showcased a huge spectrum of content, from viral moments captured by webcams to intricately scripted web series and beautiful music videos. Among the millions of entertainers, some stand out and manage to shock their audience with every upload. They aggressively push the boundaries and redefine what independent creators are capable of producing. They turn cynics into believers.

Devin Graham, known as Devin Super Tramp, is that rare creator who’s built his channel by crafting an extraordinary visual personality. You instantly know when you watch one of his videos that it’s a Devin Super Tramp production. That’s extremely special.

DST Water

It all started when he was a little kid. Devin would borrow his parents’ cameras and be determined to nail that one shot no one else could. That resulted in several busted cameras and a newfound appreciation for insurance. He went to film school with ambitions of shooting movies for the big screen. But the more he learned about YouTube, the more he was drawn to the fact that he could build a career working for a massive audience thoroughly engaged and hungry for innovative videos. With that, he uploaded his first video in 2010.

Since then, he’s brought us through deep canyons, epic slam dunks, and insane water jet packs. We’ve seen humans being flung into lakes from slingshot slip-and-slides, enormous paintball wars and mud fights, thrilling simulations of popular games like Assassin’s Creed, and even a cute puppy Christmas.

DST City

I’m thrilled to announce that Devin Super Tramp has joined our Fullscreen family. He’s outrageously talented, his energy is infectious, and he’s also an all-around great guy. We’re so privileged to work with Devin and join him on his journey as an independent filmmaker.

Check out his biggest video yet of a 400-foot rope swinging through deep snowy canyons. Trust me, you’ll want to watch this one in 1080p and fullscreen it.