New: geotargeted Gorilla campaigns!

Hi, I’m Aaron, the lead engineer of Fullscreen’s Gorilla product. We created Gorilla to give our creators exclusive sponsorship opportunities to earn extra revenue by including brand messages in their videos. Gorilla is an innovative ad solution that allows brands to scale their message across a demographically-targeted slice of Fullscreen’s massive creator network.

I’m excited to announce the beta launch of Gorilla’s new geotargeting feature, which gives our creators more opportunities to make money and our advertisers more targeting options.

Traditionally, we’ve paid creators based on the total view count of their videos. Starting today, brands can choose in which countries they want to pay for audience views. This option comes in addition to our existing demo-targeting capabilities, including age, gender, and specific content verticals.

To see current Gorilla campaigns, creators can sign into the Dashboard and select the Gorilla tab. Once they click a specific campaign, they will see from which countries they can monetize views. See the “Payable View Locations” area in the campaign description.


This is also good news for our creators. By offering brands the ability to geotarget audiences, we can now offer Gorilla campaigns to our international creators, who haven’t always been eligible for campaigns in the past. And since brands are paying for only the most valuable views, these views are going to provide creators even higher CPMs.

In order to offer this feature, we’ve started using YouTube’s Insight data to get a breakdown of view counts for videos. These feeds give us detailed information about our creators’ video views, but they are only updated once per day and offer data up to the previous day. We’re displaying the time Gorilla earnings were last updated alongside the earnings to help make this clear.

Because of Gorilla, thousands of creators have earned a total of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We love building products that empower our creators and brands, and we hope you enjoy this new feature.

Check out the video below for one of our favorite Gorilla campaigns, which BlackNerdComedy produced with LOUD.