Fullscreen BEAM: YouTube App for Google Glass

We at Fullscreen are extremely passionate when it comes to all things tech and video. Our engineering team loves building better experiences for digital video creators every day and hacking on new initiatives and passion projects into the night. At Fullscreen we have to have the latest, cutting-edge products. We host monthly hack days in the office to sharpen our creativity and coding chops. We never stop innovating better ways to do everything.

So it’s not surprising that when Google released Google Glass, their foray into wearable technology, our immediate thought was, “How can we build a seamless experience for YouTubers to capture and share life’s moments?”

Introducing Fullscreen BEAM, the first YouTube app for Google Glass!

With Fullscreen BEAM, just record a video with Google Glass, then use Fullscreen BEAM to upload it onto your YouTube channel. You can also choose to upload your video privately, or automatically share the video on Twitter. Visit http://beam.fullscreen.net to register the app and get started.


We’re always looking for driven and passionate engineers, designers and product managers to join our team. If you’re interested in joining our mission of building the future of video, check out our job openings here.

More to come from Fullscreen Labs.