Brittani Louise Taylor joins the family

What do you get when you cross a super smart business woman and a complete glitter explosion?

We’re thrilled to announce that comedian, fashion guru, and cupcake fanatic Brittani Louise Taylor has joined Fullscreen! For the past six years, Brittani has been a force on YouTube amassing millions of views across her three channels featuring hilarious comedy videosbehind-the-scenes vlogs and DIY fashion and beauty tips. Brittani is represented by Naomi Lennon Management and Innovative Artists, and we’re also excited to partner with her. She’s one of the first personalities to emerge on YouTube, and we look forward to developing new ideas together for her enthusiastic audience.

We chatted with Brittani about the beginnings of her YouTube career, her favorite collabs so far and why her mom is to thank for all of this.

Andrew: Tell us how it all started.
Brittani: Yes! I was with an independent studio called Operator 11 that was doing live video broadcasting. I came to work one day and the doors were chained closed. They ran out of money and failed to tell me so! They still owe me my last paycheck. My mom suggested that I take my show to YouTube and I just threw all my energy into making videos because I was so mad LOL!

Being a YouTube O.G., you’ve seen the platform evolve dramatically. How has your audience and community changed over the years?
YouTube used to curate the homepage, and if you made it on the homepage it was a big deal. Everything about the site is different really, but the community has stayed the same. The big difference I’ve seen is the production value skyrocket. All very exciting!

Do you think that YouTube still remains a place for undiscovered voices to ‘break’, and if so, is it as easy as it once was?
It’s not as easy, but it’s still possible. Cream rises to the top. I just think people have to work hard and stick with it if they really want it.

You’re a big cupcake fan. Where’s the best cupcake shop in L.A.?
I actually turned vegan two years ago, so I’m a recovering cupcake-aholic! BUT, I have to say, Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank is pretty bomb.

What “undercover” channel are you most excited about these days?
Devin K! He is SO talented and I just know that he is gonna blow up!

You’ve done your fair share of cover songs. Any plans to do an original album?
Maybe someday! My first love is acting and music is just for fun.

Looking back at all the great folks you’ve been able to collaborate with over the years, which collabs are among the most memorable and why?
Hard question! I loved when I got assassinated on Joe Nation’s “YouTube Assassin” series. “Emo Breakup” and “Emo Breakup 2” with Shane Dawson were a blast to make. There really are too many to count.

What is the coolest fan interaction you’ve ever had?
I had a girl at VidCon a few years back come up to me with her mom. They drove all the way from Las Vegas just to see me. She’d watched my “Faith” video and brought me a shower cap because my dad used to bring me shower caps from his trips. I was so incredibly moved and touched, I can’t even tell you.

What’s on the horizon for you?
SO many cool projects in the works, but I don’t want to jinx anything.

Any closing thoughts?
Hi! I love you!