More community = more awesome

At Fullscreen, we win when our creators win—so we keep building world-class tools to help you succeed. Today we’re launching a big one.

We all know one proven way to fuel your channel’s growth is to collaborate with other creators, bringing in views and earnings for both of you. But it can be hard to find collab partners—and even harder to get in touch, figure out who’s right for you, and make it happen.

Not anymore! I’m incredibly proud to announce the next version of our Creator Platform—an upgrade that takes our community to the next level, connecting you with other Fullscreeners like never before. Here’s what’s new:

  • Status posts, comments, and likes: Soak up new ideas and new content. Share your videos and thoughts with the whole Fullscreen community. Follow your friends so you know what’s up in their world. Post your latest project and get reactions right away. All from our new homepage!null
  • New profiles: Customize and personalize to your heart’s content with beautiful new profiles. Show the world who you are, what you’re great at, and what you’re passionate about.null
  • Creator directory: Are you a singer looking for a band? An actor seeking a cinematographer? Search for other creators by name, location, expertise, interests, and more to pinpoint the perfect partners to help you make awesome content and grow your channel. Finding collaborators or friends has never been this simple.null
  • Audience similarity: It’s not enough just to find a collab partner. Your content and audiences need to be a match too. Now you can browse, search, and filter to find other creators whose audiences are like yours—boosting the odds your collab will be a hit.
  • Milestones: Reached 5,000 subs? 10,000 views? Posted a new video? The Creator Platform knows (and brags for you!), auto-sharing your achievements for all to see.
  • Brand new design: The Creator Platform now has a sleeker, smoother, faster look and feel that’s easier to navigate. Your earnings and key stats are still up top like always.

These upgrades are only the beginning, so stay tuned for even more exciting news to come!

Fullscreen is the essential community for creators who want to succeed on YouTube, and there’s never been a better time to be a Fullscreener. Are you ready? Check out the new Creator Platform and let us know what you think! . . . And if you’re not a Fullscreener yet, join us here!