More money in your pocket!


Happy Friday! Here at Fullscreen we work hard to find ways to empower you as an artist and creator. And for a lot of you, creative success means getting paid—turning your passion into income.

You spoke… we listened: we’re excited to announce that we’ve lowered our creator payment threshold from $100 to $50! As a Fullscreener, you’ll now have a more consistent stream of income that you can invest back into your content, marketing, production, and overall quality of life as a growing video creator and artist. The journey to becoming a full-time online superstar is tough, and we hope this will make it just a little bit easier. It takes effect today, and you don’t need to do a thing.

As always, our Creator Platform is your mission control to track your earnings, grow your audience with our stats and insights, take your videos to the next level with our awesome apps, and connect directly with creators like you through the Fullscreen community. Come pay a visit!

We’re excited to work as true partners with every Fullscreener in our network, from our biggest stars to all you up-and-coming artists and creators well on the way to greatness. Thanks again for being part of the Fullscreen community!