Fullscreen @ SXSW 2014

Culture enthusiasts rejoice: it’s that time of the year again! March 7 kicks off the five days when thousands of the biggest names in music, interactive, and film invade a Texas town called Austin. If you’re still unclear, we’re of course talking about the legendary SXSW.

SXSW started in 1987 as a music festival: there were 172 acts, and 700 people showed up. The keynote speaker was record producer Huey P. Meaux. SXSW 2014 continues its history of excellence by showcasing more than 1,700 artists and 800 content sessions. Before you start planning out your SXSW roadmap, take a look at what Fullscreen is up to in Austin.


Saturday, March 8


OMMA at SXSW: “Will Video Kill The TV Star?”

Textile 310 East 3rd Street

(Free w/ any SXSW Badge)




  • Ezra Cooperstein, COO, Fullscreen
  • Adam Naide, Executive Director of Marketing/Social Media, Cox Communications
  • Allison Stern, Co-founder/GM Media Solutions, Tubular Labs
  • Jennifer Winberg, US Director, Social Media, WaytoBlue


  • Alastair Green, Executive Creative Director, Team One


Panel Description:

In less than 10 years, new media companies have completely changed how viewers receive their information. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube are causing hundreds of thousands of subscribers to dump their televisions for phones, tablets, and computers. This session will dive into the challenges faced by advertisers in the modern era.



SXSW Presents: Changing Behavior Through Persuasive Design

Ballroom A, Austin Convention Center – 500 E Cesar Chavez Street

(SXSW Interactive Badge, Gold Badge, Platinum Badge Required)


Matt Danna, Head of Product, Fullscreen

This session will dive into persuasive UI design patterns, showcase how some designers are deploying these tactics, and explore how we can design interfaces that serve the interest of users, as well as meet business needs.

Sunday, March 9


Fullscreen, What’s Trending & Samsung Present: “SX Music Experience”

219 West – 612 W. 6th Street


To celebrate the audio experience that is great music at SXSW, we’ve assembled an impressive cast of creative talent. Attendees will hear the melodic voice of Fullscreen artists Jeni Suk and Kingsfoil  as well as the tunes of remix artist RACWhat’s Trending’s Shira Lazar will be hosting the evening, supported by 2560W of pure audio via Samsung’s Giga.


Tuesday, March 11


SXSW Presents: “Oh Myyy! A conversation with George Takei”

Ballroom D, Austin Convention Center  500 E Cesar Chavez Street 

George Takei

Event Description: 

SXSW attendees can catch Takei in conversation with Matthew Segal, president and co-founder of OurTime.Org, a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of future generations.

“With a career spanning five decades, George Takei may be known around the world for his founding role in the acclaimed television series Star Trek, but through the years, Takei’s influence has spread from the far reaches of the galaxy to the far reaches of the web. As the host of the new AARP-produced YouTube series Takei’s Take, Takei explores technology trends and popular culture topics. AARP announced today that Takei’s Takewill start production on the second season right here in Austin during SXSW. AARP partners with Fullscreen on the production of this original online program.”

For more info, visit www.SXSW.com. See you in Austin!