Grow your audience with Gleam contests

Fullscreeners! If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we just completed a Fullscreen T-shirt giveaway. We received 1,500+ entries, several happy winners scored swag, and the contest also brought some new viewers to our March Colossal Collab video and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could run contests like this to promote your channel? Now you can—thanks to Gleam, our latest partner! Gleam helps you run simple, powerful contests for your fans, and in return, bring audiences your way.


With Gleam, you decide what your fans need to do to earn entries in your contest. For example, you might ask your fans to follow you on Twitter or watch one of your YouTube videos to enter. Prizes can be anything: swag, shoutouts, video calls, whatever you decide to offer! Let your creativity run wild.

  • Gleam works. We’ve seen success with Gleam ourselves, and so have our creators! Like ScottVsBox, whose Gleam contest boosted his Twitter followers 30% in just 12 hours.
  • Gleam is free! A basic account gets you unlimited contests with no cap on entries. For those of you who want more—like MailChimp integration, more branding options, and finer control over who can enter your contests—you can upgrade to Gleam’s premium plans at a 40%+ Fullscreen discount!

You can access Gleam using your Fullscreen login and password directly on Gleam or via our Apps page.

Ready to grow your channel? Sign in with Fullscreen and get going with Gleam today!