Post your heart out in our shiny new forums!

Happy Tuesday! Many of you Fullscreeners already know and love our forums—they’re a cornerstone of our awesome creative community. In 2013, our artists and creators connected with one another through 50,000+ posts about everything from collabs and meetups to online video news and shameless self-promotion.

The forums are your community—we’ve listened to your feedback and launched some major forum improvements so you can tap in to the power of our community more than ever.

First, our new forums are way faster, visually cleaner, and easier to navigate. Plus, now you can:

    • Search! Finally, you’ll be able to search our forums for keywords, usernames, and more! Find answers to your questions and discover even more amazing content.
    • Like! Ever agreed with a post but didn’t have time to write a full reply? Now, just click the like button! It’s an easy way to weigh in and just takes a sec.
    • Reply with ease. Our new reply system lets you reply to specific posts (rather than the whole thread) so it’s clear who’s replying to whom and which replies go with each post.
    • @mention people! Wanna get someone’s attention? Mention them by @name and they’ll be notified to respond to you.
    • See other users’ info, fast. Now you can just hover over a user’s name to pop up their basic profile info and buttons to message and follow them.

Now, get posting! We hope you enjoy the updates and keep engaging with your fellow creators. Stay tuned for even more powerful tools coming soon!