A Talk with MCasMusic

Michael Castro MCasMusic

Whether it’s covering Miley Cyrus and John Legend or creating original songs, Michael Castro’s soulful voice on MCasMusic has caused a stir on YouTube. He jumped into the YouTube landscape with his acoustic cover of “No Diggity”—shot on his iPhone in the corner of his room. It’s now one of his favorite videos because it shows how far he’s come both as a content creator and a musician.

A more recent video on MCasMusic (covering Avicii’s “Hey Brother”) showcases a collaboration with Michael and his brother, Jason Castro.

We’re excited to be a part of his YouTube journey and asked him some questions on his growth:


What’s the best advice you would give to content creators?

“Don’t overthink it. Lots of times I’ve spent days on production of a track thinking it’s going to do great and it flops on MCasMusic. Then the next week I’ll do a live video shot on my iPhone and it’ll do way better. You never know what’s going to do well, so just keep creating.

Post content regularly. Any successful YouTuber will tell you this. For me it’s a weekly video. Make sure people know that if they like what they see, there’s more coming soon. Give them a reason to come back and subscribe.

If you plan on ever doing YouTube full time, as a musician, you’re eventually going to have to sell your songs on iTunes. I make probably five times as much on iTunes as I do from YouTube ad revenue. Be in it for the long run. Take the time to learn a recording software like Logic or ProTools. Invest in a recording setup . . . even a cheap one.

Collaborate! All the time.”

What do you love about YouTube?

“Making a video every week has improved my skills as a musician. It keeps me creative and motivated.  Another huge benefit of YouTube is that it has now replaced the income I used to make from touring, giving me a lot more free time. Unless you’ve been a touring musician, you probably won’t understand how nice it is to not have to tour . . . but trust me, it’s a big deal!”

How has Fullscreen been a part of your journey?

“Through Fullscreen, I got to be a part of the release of a John Legend single. Andrew Garcia, Max Schneider, and I got to cover the song, and the covers were released the same day as the original. John Legend tweeted about it and linked our videos on a playlist on his channel. I’m a huge John Legend fan.”

More of Michael’s covers, collaborations, and original music are available at MCasMusic!