Content Protection is here!

We live in a world of digital pirates, and YouTube is no stranger to stolen content. As an video creator, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced this firsthand: you work so hard to produce content, and then somebody else uploads it to their channel.

We’re happy to announce a new tool to help all Fullscreen creators deal with stolen content. Our new Content Protection app is your road to extra earnings: if you find that someone else has stolen one of your videos and uploaded it to YouTube, you can now submit a claim to us. We’ll deal with it directly and win you the stolen revenue you deserve.

How it works

To quickly claim your stolen content, just provide us the following information via our Content Protection app.

  • Link to your original video: What’s the URL for your 100% original video?
  • Link to the stolen copy: What’s the URL of the stolen copy of your content?
  • Timecode: When (in terms of hours:minutes:seconds) does your content appear in the stolen video? (If it’s the entire video, enter 00:00:00.)
  • Policy: What action do you want us to take on the stolen content? (In most cases, you’ll want to monetize so you can grow your earnings.)
    • Monetize: Earn money from any views the stolen video gets.
    • Track: Keep track of all views of the stolen video within your YouTube analytics.
    • Block: Keep the stolen video from being viewable on YouTube.
    • Strike: Report the stolen video (and the uploader) to YouTube.
How much you’ll earn

There’s no easy answer. Your potential earnings from monetizing stolen content depend on various factors—views, retention, and so on. Just know that once your stolen video is monetized, the revenue it earns will appear in your monthly earnings statement. Cha-ching!

Which content you can claim

When you’re about to file a claim, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • The stolen content must be 100% your work! Even if you’re claiming a portion of a video, that portion must be 100% your own original creation.
  • The content must be visual. At this time, we cannot claim videos that have stolen only your audio.
  • You can claim gameplay video, but it must be undeniably identical to your original video (i.e., must have your audio / lower third / graphic).
  • Do not try to claim videos that do not contain your work. Submitting multiple false claims may restrict your access to the Creator Platform.

We hope you find the new Content Protection app useful. For more information, check out a replay of our live Hangout below.