“HopscotchtheGlobe” with Kristen Sarah

Kristen Sarah Hopscotch the Globe

What happens when you combine hilarious comedy, savvy travel tips, YouTube, and a lifelong love of storytelling? The wonderful world of Kristen Sarah’s HopscotchTheGlobe.

Kristen takes us around the world in her international travels, sharing amazing stories of her adventures through vlogging and using her acting skills to reenact crazy encounters abroad. Find out how she ended up dancing for a king or took the leap to quit her day job and pursue a creative life.

So, with all this traveling, how do you avoid jet lag?

There’s nothing better than going to a new location and getting outside your comfort zone to see how other people live. It can even end up changing your life. In a video documentary on Peru, Kristen and her fiancé originally set out to document hiking in Machu Picchu and exploring medicinal plants in the Amazon, but the real story came through the people they met: desperately poor families who didn’t have access to clean water but had a keen appreciation for life. Their joy changed the way she saw her world, witnessing how little these people had but how much happiness they experienced.

Getting adjusted to new foods and culture can be difficult . . . but sometimes brings unexpected results. Fried bugs and beer, anyone?

HopscotchTheGlobe is a fun, inspirational channel hosted by the lovely Kristen Sarah, who offers up valuable advice and inspiration for those looking for adventure. YouTube is a great intersection of all her passions in life: video production, acting, globetrotting, and connecting with people along her journey. Future plans for her channel include posting daily vlogs and traveling to Barbados, Turks and Caicos, France, the United States, Fiji, and Finland. On top of this, she’ll be getting married and going on a “buddymoon” with her fiancé and friends to Guatemala.

Let’s go have an adventure!  Follow Kristen on her exciting travel escapades by subscribing to HopscotchTheGlobe . . . and wish her the best as she starts her married life this fall!