O2L + MTV Demonstrate the Power of Fullscreen Stars


On April 13, 2014, Our2ndLife (O2L) took to the red carpet as the official social correspondents of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. As first reported in Variety, O2L’s relationship to the awards was more akin to a partnership than a casual one-off.

In a first-of-its-kind deal between digital talent and a major US cable network, O2L announced the Movie Awards nominees on linear cable, as well as across Twitter, announcing the Social Media category exclusively across their social accounts (previously, MTV traditionally gave this category to a news outlet as an exclusive).


From the initial nominee announcements up through the day of the show, O2L peppered the interwebs with behind-the-scenes photos, Tweets, and an entire MTV Movie Awards–themed week on their YouTube collab channel.

Kian Lawley O2L Grumpy Cat The partnership culminated in O2L taking over MTV’s Twitter feed from the red carpet, interviewing nominees, and taking selfies with Grumpy Cat (of course). O2L’s efforts helped rocket the Movie Awards to the highest rated Nielsen show on Twitter for the evening, as well as bump the show into the top five most viewed shows on cable.

O2L’s work comes on the heels of another Fullscreen talent, Lohanthony, participating in last year’s VMAs as an “Instarazzi.” MTV continues to be incredibly progressive and aggressive in working with online talent, aware that much of their audience lives online.

Rather than overlook the online community, MTV elevates these stars in concert with its more traditional efforts. This sort of project exemplifies the awesome partnerships Fullscreen looks to broker for our talent partners. MTV received O2L’s firehose of influence in exchange for an equitable marketing relationship. As networks like Pivot and HLN make forays into teen and millennial social media, we foresee huge opportunities for Fullscreen talent—both as marketing powerhouses and as creative talent themselves.



The talent management team at Fullscreen looks forward to continuing to take these fantastic learnings and find new and creative partnerships for both Fullscreen and media companies across the globe!