An Awkward Encounter with an Average Bro

So you’re out on a night on the town with your friends on Valentine’s Day. As you leave the club, there’s an average bro on the sidewalk with a sign reading “Looking for my first kiss.” He politely says hello and asks if he can get his first kiss from you on Valentine’s Day. You agree to kiss him only on his cheek—but he turns his head at the last moment and you end up kissing him on the mouth.


Or perhaps you’re sitting on a park bench, enjoying the sun on a beautiful day. A guy approaches and politely asks to use your phone because his battery ran out. He looks like a good guy, so you hand him your phone. He dials and immediately starts a shouting match, screaming “NO!” over and over again.

Even more awkward.

Maybe you’re not in the best mood, and before you realize it, you’ve punched this guy right in the face.

Awkward isn’t even the right word at this point.

Meet Cody Stoerk, prankster extraordinaire.

Find out what happens on Average Bro TV when Cody throws people out of their comfort zone. Call it a social experiment of sorts: Cody’s done it all from violating someone’s personal space to casually stealing personal items while their owner watches him. He doesn’t like to take life too seriously, and he encourages others to do the same through these antics.

He’s just an average bro looking to have some fun. But don’t be fooled by the innocent look—the mischief is just about to unfold.

So what are some of your favorite videos on Average Bro TV? What do you think his next prank should be? Let us know in the comments below!