5 Things You Should Know About Grace Helbig

“You’ve been prazed!”

Looking deep into the eyes of the camera, Grace Helbig declares she’s turned over a new leaf in 2014 on her newly revived channel it’sGrace. She wants to focus on being more positive—so no more hazing, just more prazing! She stretches out her arms to the camera in an embrace and says that all tweets and comments will be prazed and welcomed into the arms of the it’sGrace family.

And just in case you didn’t know, “praze” is how the cool kids spell it these days.


Grace Helbig parted from her former channel, Daily Grace, and has ventured out on her own with a brand new channel—it’sGrace. Here, she brings us more of what we love: daily vlogs, inspirational pep talks, practical tips like how to pull an all nighter, all while endlessly prazing her social media and YouTube followers. You can even find pre–Daily Grace vlogs in Vintage Grace back when she used to open mail from her fans. 

Five things you should know about Grace Helbig:

1. She’s the epitome of high fashion.


2. Which makes her an expert in critiquing celebrity fashion.


3. She stars in the feature film Camp Takota, alongside YouTubers Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart.


4. Her stripper name is better than yours.


5.  She orchestrates April Fools pranks that’ll blow your mind.


We’re excited to welcome her to Fullscreen and look forward to following her as new adventures unfold! Join the quirky world of it’sGrace as she brings her hilarious stream-of-consciousness twist to the world of vlogging. And if you’re lucky you might even get a praze or two!