How Tentpole Programming Can Boost Your Channel

tentpole events

You’ve been looking forward to it for months. The film’s set to be released next Friday, and you’ve coordinated your schedule accordingly. The trailer just showed enough of the film to spark that deep-rooted anxiety that won’t be satisfied until you sit down in the dark theater and immerse yourself in all 123 minutes of potential global destruction from history’s infamous monster. GODZILLA! The excitement behind a tentpole event like the release of a popular blockbuster movie makes it a great time to create some videos about it!

So what exactly is tentpole programming?

Tentpole programming means creating videos that relate to popular cultural events. Tentpole events can be political milestones, major holidays, film or music releases, and more—basically any trending topic that people are talking about. The good news is that you don’t have to change your video format or genre to program around a tentpole event. If you’re a comedy channel, try a Godzilla prank or do a parody of the most dramatic scene in the movie.

Finding creative ways to integrate a tentpole event could boost your channel’s growth in a big way. Case in point: The Fine Brothers recently released another successful video on this principle—a Godzilla-themed video titled “Elders React to Godzilla”. Superhero movies are always popular on YouTube. Another Fullscreener making a splash in the superhero genre is Ronnie Street Stunts, with his jaw dropping, live-action Spider-Man Parkour in commemoration of the new release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last week!

What’s the best way to release a tentpole video?

Find a trending topic that’s got a lot of buzz, and make sure to engage with your social media on that topic. Release your video a few weeks or days before the big date and ride the wave of the excitement surrounding it! Try thinking of new ways to make your video provide something valuable for viewers, whether it’s providing more information, commentary, analysis, or entertainment. 

What other tentpole programming ideas are in your near future? Tell us in the comments below!