The Power of the Connected Generation [Infographic]

Much is made about generational differences and their implications for marketers. Generation X, the children of the Baby Boomers, spurred economic and population growth throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, buoyed by manufacturing and technological expansion. Their children—today’s teens and the tail end of the millennial generation—have morphed into the connected generation, or Gen C for short.

Gen C is more about a mindset than a specific age group: they’re the population who are glued to their smartphones—devices so advanced that each smartphone probably could’ve powered the Apollo 11 moon landing on its own. Marketers have no choice but to take note: Gen C is not only the most connected generation in history but also one of the most influential.

The connected generation influences huge spending

Each year, Gen C drives more than $500 billion worth of spending, either through its own wallets or through its massive social influence. Don’t be fooled by this figure: Gen C is very discerning with its money. By harnessing the power of social media and immediate online friend networks, Gen C peer-reviews products before ever trying them. But once your brand passes this rigorous test, you’re awarded with a loyal customer: members of the connected generation are 3.6x more likely to repurchase products or services with greater regularity.

The connected generation connects and shares

The benefits of having a strong brand connection with Gen C extend far beyond just the individual: the connected generation creates network effects that would make any marketer salivate. When Gen C’ers finds content they like online, 90% of them say they can’t keep it to themselves. Furthermore, 55% of them are connected to more than 100 people online; 15% of them having more than 500 connections. With some simple math, it’s easy to see how you can achieve marketing economies of scale incredibly quickly with the connected generation.

The connected generation is on YouTube

When it comes to online content, YouTube is far and away the primary destination for Gen C. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Viewers spend more time on YouTube than the next top five video sites combined[/inlinetweet], and 76% of Gen C state that YouTube is the first place they go for online video. Though the connected generation does spend time on other social sites too, none has captivated them with online video quite like YouTube.

So take heed, brands: the connected generation is mighty, sharing like crazy, and should be at the top of your radar. Now, see how Fullscreen’s creative, insights, and client service can plug your brand in to the connected generation today.

The Power of the Connected Generation