Grow your audience with Fullscreen groups!

Fullscreeners! Today we’re thrilled to launch one of the most exciting updates to the Fullscreen Creator Platform yet—Groups.

Groups help you grow your audience alongside creators just like you. Whether you’re a Minecrafter, a rock musician, a beauty blogger, or something totally different, there’s a place in Groups just for you.

Groups are 100% yours

Are you a tech vlogger from Brazil? Join the Tech group, the Vloggers group, or even YouTubers no Brasil. Can’t find a group you like? Create your own and invite your friends! It’s all yours to control.

When you create a group, as group owner you can:

  • Make your group open (for everyone), closed (visible but invite-only), or secret (invisible and invite-only—say, if you just want to collab with your friends).
  • Set a subscriber restriction on the group you create.
  • Customize to your heart’s content: group name, cover image, description, and more.

newest groups

Groups get you seen by new fans

As a group owner, you can also choose to enable Group Playlists. These playlists are powerful growth tools that automatically publicize your videos in front of all the group members’ subscribers out on YouTube—thousands of new viewers who are likely to enjoy your stuff! You used to have to do all the grunt work yourself—not anymore.

Groups help you grow together

Each group page features the newest videos from all the group’s members. If you see a video your fans will like, just click ‘Promote‘ to signal on YouTube (and Twitter and Facebook too, if you want!) that you love that video. When you help out your fellow group members, you’ll soon find they help you back.

Groups Carousel

This is only the beginning of Fullscreen Groups! Stay tuned for more amazing features do be rolled out soon. In the meantime, jump in, make your mark, and start growing with groups!

Want to learn more? Check out the replay of this week’s #FullscreenHangouts, where we talked all about Groups!