5 Collaboration Styles To Get You Motivated

Ever run out of ideas for new videos? Sometimes it might feel like you’re a lonely island in the middle of the vast ocean of YouTube. The best way to counter this feeling is to do a collaboration! Not only is it fun—it also helps you grow your channel by putting your videos in front of new audiences. The Creator Directory search tool on the Fullscreen Creator Platform is a great place to find collab partners who are just like you (and near you!). Or just grab some of your friends with YouTube channels and get started brainstorming. Once you find a channel or two to work with, what types of collabs can you do? There are tons of ways to work together with other channels! Here are five of the most popular.

1. Collab with everyone physically in the same room

This is great for getting new faces onto your channel! In this example, Mason Sperling makes a guest appearance on DannyPadillaMusic. Together they sing Jason Derulo’s Wiggle while challenging each other to do various impersonations on the spot.

2. Collab in physically different locations

Ashley from HeyThere005 needs some answers to her questions—and lo and behold, the DailyBumps shows up on her Advice-O-Meter!

3. Post different videos around the same event

This is a great way to drive traffic from one channel to another around a specific event. You can also structure it as a two-part collab, with the first half on one channel and the second half on the other. In this example, MisterEpicMann‘s Epic Staring Contest video features the aerial cinematography of VidMuz. Later, VidMuz uploaded a separate video on their channel showcasing what happened behind the scenes of this shoot.

4. Shout out and annotate from one channel to the other

In her winter nails video, Meliney showcases Meejmuse, whose hair and beauty content helps viewers complete their winter look.

5. Upload two separate videos on the same topic

MissRemiAshten shows us her morning routine when going to Disneyland.
Hairodynamic does her take on the same theme. Collabs are a great way to diversify your content, add a fresh new take to your current programming, and most important, grow your audience! If your collab partner’s audience likes your stuff, you could pick up a lot of new subs. Make sure to include description links and annotations to each other’s channels. And keep going post-collab and experiment with your content to keep your newly acquired viewers coming back!

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