Unlock the Power of YouTube Crowdfunding with Tubestart

Fullscreeners! Need a little extra cash to fund your next project? Looking to improve the content on your channel? With our partner Tubestart, you can raise money for video projects through crowdfunding campaigns that reach fans and supporters directly.

Tubestart is dedicated exclusively to online video—only video creators can run Tubestart campaigns.

Components of a fundraising campaign

Goal amount

Your goal amount is how much money need to raise to complete your project. There’s always room to exceed the campaign target amount, so be sure to keep your goal realistic and achievable.

Funding model

Tubestart offers three different funding models, so you can choose the one that is best suited your project:

  • Fixed: You keep the money raised only if you meet or exceed your goal amount. (This is a good option if you absolutely can’t complete the project unless the goal is reached.)
  • Flexible: You keep whatever money is raised.
  • Subscription: You receive ongoing contributions from subscribers. (This is a great option if you upload videos often and regularly.)
Campaign video

Your campaign video is arguably the most important element of your campaign, so spend some time making it awesome. The more interesting and personal it is, the more likely it will drive contributions. Showcase yourself, talk about the project, explain why you’re running a campaign, and mention any cool perks contributors can earn.

Pitch text

Use pitch text to cover any details not included in your video. Explain the project, describe how you’ll use the money, and answer any additional questions that the audience might have.



Perks are the rewards you’ll offer your supporters in exchange for their contributions. These can range from shoutouts to merch to the chance to appear in your project. Offer a variety of perk options and amounts so everyone who wants to contribute can find something they like at a price they can afford.

Once all these elements are complete, you’re ready to launch the campaign on Tubestart!

How to get started

If crowdfunding seems right for you, Sign in with Fullscreen directly on Tubestart—just use your Fullscreen login and password. Get started building a funding campaign today!


P.S.: Tune in to our live stream on Friday, May 30, at 4:00pm Pacific time to learn even more about Tubestart campaigns and get your questions answered!