7 of Fullscreen’s Must-See Vine Stars

In 2012, Twitter took a gamble on an emerging the social media platform Vine. Fast-forward two years, and we see that gamble has paid off. Vine stands firmly poised as a major player in the ever-evolving world of social today.

In the blink of an eye, Vine has amassed a community of more than 40 million users. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] It’s estimated that five Vines are tweeted every second[/inlinetweet]! Just as on any healthy social media community, major influencers have surfaced on Vine, gaining the attention of both viewers and brands.

You knew that Fullscreen represents today’s best online video talent—but did you know that many of the top Vine stars proudly call Fullscreen home too?

Fullscreen’s top Vine talent

King Bach, the reigning king of Vine, has more than 6 million followers and combines high-energy comedy, entertainment, and massive teen and millennial appeal. King Bach has appeared on shows such as Burn Notice and House of Lies, not to mention the cover of New York magazine.

Alx James, a top-10 Vine influencer with 4.5 million followers, is a master of “selfie” Vines, no-nonsense comedy, and lifestyle content for the connected generation. Alx recently secured a deal with Collins Avenue to enhance their reality-based content.

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson (Jack and Jack) have known each other since kindergarten and have become some of the most popular influencers on Vine. Their most popular Vine, “Nerd Vandals,” saw more than 800,000 likes and made them national stars.      

 Zach King—best known for his magic Vines, or what he calls “digital slight of hand”—does it all in online video, from Vine to YouTube, tutorials, and filmmaking. Zach has won YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest and is well versed in branded content.

Actress, writer, and Viner Simone Shepherd is one of the fastest-rising stars in comedy. Her Vine sketch comedy has built her a loyal following of more than 2.5 million viewers. This popularity has led her to develop digital campaigns with brands such as Target, Wendy’s, and GroupMe.      

Marissa Mayne combines classic Vine-style comedy with a positive message. Not afraid to poke fun at herself, Marissa has a self-awareness beyond her years, which she draws on to promote her #teambullyproof mission: to bring awareness to youth bullying.

Check out our top Vine stars and let us know what you think!