ScrewAttack at E3

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As many of you know, the ScrewAttack gaming network became part of the Fullscreen family earlier this year. 2014 marks the eighth consecutive year that ScrewAttack will be covering—and dominating—the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. Though we plan on going crazy covering every game imaginable, we also have the unique opportunity to put our ScrewAttack Network creators at the focal point of our coverage. We know our gaming creators work hard to create more content during the week of E3, and we want to make sure your content gets seen.

Our plans for E3

So what all will be going on for ScrewAttack Network partners during E3? In short, E3 2014 is all about you!

To start, we’ll be producing a daily recap of ScrewAttack and ScrewAttack Network partners E3 coverage that’ll include annotations to your E3 videos. We’ll also be creating E3 playlists related to Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Hot Games, and interviews that will be housed on the ScrewAttack YouTube channel. These playlists will include all ScrewAttack Network partners’ videos!

If you have something you want to say and you want it seen, we want to make sure it’s in our playlists. If you want to be included in the playlist, make sure to tweet the video out using the #ScrewAttackE3 hashtag—then we’ll make sure to include it in the appropriate playlist.

ScrewAttack assets

We’ve also created several new ScrewAttack assets for our partners to use including a branded ScrewAttack Network intro, a lower third, and Top 10 numbers. We created these to help take your videos to that next level of production and add that little extra sparkle . . . just in time for E3! Keep in mind that you can automatically insert the ScrewAttack Network branded intro in front of your YouTube videos by uploading it through InVideo Programming.

Are you going?

Finally, if you’re a ScrewAttack Network partner and are planning to attend E3, make sure to email our senior manager Chad James and let him know! He’s looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your channel. We look forward to another great E3 this year and moving ahead through the rest of 2014.