The Fullscreen Yearbook Awards

Fullscreen Yearbook Awards

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and our Fullscreeners are getting ramped up for summer break! Less school means more time to make YouTube videos, which means more awesome content to watch during our time off. To celebrate some of the highlights of this school year, let’s take a look back with the Fullscreen Yearbook Awards.

Check out those who made the cut this year!

Best Bieber lookalike:

Luke Korns

Most likely to be the next K-pop sensation:

Jasmine Clarke


Mostly likely to go to detention:

Josh Paler Lin


Most likely to be the next Ludacris:

Johnny Orlando


Most creative musician:

Dan Newbie


Most likely to be mistaken for sisters:

Jess Lizama (and her daughter)


Most Likely to be in the next Minecraft movie:



Most Likely to be your friend:

Ashley Mardell


Most likely to be on Broadway:



Most likely to live abroad:



So there are some members of our graduating class! We’d love to hear your suggestions for Fullscreeners you think are “most likely to . . . .” Make sure to sign our yearbook and leave thoughts or suggestions in our comments below!