Getting Gen C to the box office [infographic]

The Monday after The Fault in Our Stars destroyed Edge of Tomorrow at the box office, the web was abuzz trying to explain how and why this “little movie that could” beat out Tom Cruise. The answer lies in the perfect storm of the hugely successful book, the dedicated social following amassed by author John Green, and savvy Gen C marketing executed by 20th Century FOX.

When John Green isn’t writing or promoting teen tearjerkers, he and his brother Hank are busy educating their two million YouTube subscribers on net neutrality, the Central African Republic, and how to make cinnamon toast (two ways).

Green vlogged about his book, filmed behind-the-scenes footage on set, and recorded himself at the premiere. This all worked beautifully to promote the movie and contribute to word of mouth—yet it was natural and authentic, not forced or baldly self-serving. And from 20th Century FOX’s perspective, it was also free.

Marketing for the film focused on meeting the connected generation where they live: on YouTube, on Tumblr, on Twitter. And they showed up. For 126 minutes, teenage girls and young women turned off their phones, laptops, and iPads and tuned in, tissues in hand.


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All YouTube stats as of June 20, 2014 from publicly available data.
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