VidCon 2014 and the social media that made it great

VidCon Social

2014 will be remembered for many things: the year Kimye tied the knot, the year we saw the end of Breaking Bad, and the year that VidCon became a mecca for digital media.

For the unitiated, VidCon is the online video world’s annual three-day conference that calls Anaheim, California, home. VidCon 2014 presented a ton of brand activations, industry and community panels, and thousands of screaming fangirls (more on this later).

Big brands like The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kia, and Taco Bell seized the opportunity to get noticed by Gen C and had a huge impact throughout the weekend. And on this year’s panels, digital media tastemakers addressed the industry’s most buzzworthy topics, from vlogging to branded content.

But the biggest presence at VidCon 2014 by far: fangirls. At any moment, all it took was a fan to shriek “OMG IT’S ____________” to create an instant stampede worthy of The Lion King.

VidCon 2014 highlights

It’s clear that a media shift has occurred, empowering an entire generation of YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr creators. Don’t believe me? Check out some of VidCon’s top social moments.

Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos‘s opening keynote speech:

The awesomeness of the Fullscreen booth:


Fullscreeners Alexis G. Zall, Tiffany Alvord, and Brittani Louise Taylor getting cozy at Fullscreen’s Earth to Echo screening:


Lohanthony being Lohanthony at AT&T’s awesome @SummerBreak #SummerCon party:


Cartoon Network demoing their amazing game Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake live in our booth!


Connor Franta, 1/6 of mega-group O2L, getting cozy with Grumpy Cat:


Fullscreen’s screening of The Fault in Our Stars to a packed house!


JennXPenn and Andrea Russett playing “Who’s That Girl?” at the Fullscreen booth:


How can you watch The Fault in Our Stars without popcorn?


The line for The Fault in Our Stars stretched all the way to the Anaheim Convention Center roof!


What was your favorite VidCon memory?