3 ways to grow your channel with InVideo Programming

As a YouTuber, you’re always searching for new ways to grow your channel. Today we look at YouTube’s InVideo Programming options—three powerful and underused tools to help you build your audience!

Annotations—calls to action that pop up during your YouTube videos—are a fantastic way to drive both views and subs. InVideo Programming makes it easy to add or change global annotations that’ll appear on all your videos at once, helping you drive traffic and build brand recognition.

Where to find InVideo Programming

To get started, look for the InVideo Programming link on your YouTube Channel Settings page.


The first annotation you can add is a watermark, a small logo that appears at the top right corner of your video. Hovering over the logo pops up a subscribe button—making it easy for fans to sub your channel without interrupting their viewing.

For best results, upload a transparent PNG or GIF to avoid blocking out too much of your video. Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can choose to display the watermark during the entire video, toward the end, or starting at a specific time.

Featured videos

The second annotation you can add is a featured video—a “banner” that appears at the bottom of your video at a given time to display a video of your choice. Your featured video can be either your most recent upload, a specific video, or a playlist—whatever you’d like to drive traffic to at the moment.

Just like with your watermark, you can choose to display your featured video toward the end of your video, or at a custom time during the video. You can also enter a custom message if you like.

Branding intros

Finally, the branding intro option in InVideo Programming lets you tack a three-second intro onto all of your videos to help build your channel’s brand identity. To learn more about these intros, check out this blog post—and if you’re a Fullscreen creator, download our exclusive branding intro for your channel!