6 steps to Vine stardom

As the world knows by now, Vine is Twitter’s app that lets you create quick, easy, and interesting six-second looping videos. Let’s take a look at what it takes to succeed so you can jump in headfirst and knock out your Vine debut!

1. Be yourself

In your Vines, you need to be you. Viewers will be able to tell whether you’re being genuine or not, so don’t mimic other people’s styles. Figure out what makes you different from everyone else, and take advantage of that!

2. Use Vine’s camera features

Vine offers plenty of neat features to get your Vines looking good. Ghost mode lets you to see your last frame as a transparent overlay that you can use to ensure a seamless cut to the next shot. Time Travel (an in-app editing feature) allows you to reorganize or replace shots within any post. So if you don’t want to use a specific part of a video, you can edit it out before posting by tapping the green bar while you’re in camera mode and selecting ‘Edit’.

3. Tell a story

Just like any other social media platform, Vine is a great way to influence others and get your message across to friends, family, and viewers. So tap into your creative side and see what you can come up with.

4. Don’t forget production quality

“Lights, camera, action!” Sure, you hear that on big movie sets, but consider it even when you’re making a Vine. It might not seem like you need lenses and tripods when you’re shooting video on an iPhone, but those kinds of photo accessories make a difference! When you show people your six-second piece of art, MIND = BLOWN.

5. Make your loops seamless

There’s something hypnotic about seeing a perfectly seamless looping Vine video. Concealing the start point and end point of a video isn’t easy, but do your best. Try to put your viewers in a trance by creating a loop of your own.

6. Have fun!

Most important, have fun. Vine is an amazing way to capture your life—short and simple videos to share for all. Once you start overcomplicating and forcing content, it won’t feel fun and authentic. You’re writing your story, so enjoy it.