5 faces of Fullscreen

YouTube lets anyone with a creative spark become a future star. Faces like Grace Helbig and Connor Franta have exploded beyond the web onto TV shows like @Midnight, movies like Camp Takota, and live tours across the country.

But before that happens, every YouTube journey starts with a first subscriber—and Fullscreen’s Creator Platform provides opportunity for even smaller channels to grow into the next big thing.

Here are five faces of Fullscreen to remember—they’re on their way to being tomorrow’s biggest celebrities!

1. heythere005 (Ashley Mardell)

Vibrant, fun, and honest, Ashley shares personal stories of her life with enough joie de vivre to go around. Watch her talk about coming out to her friend and try not to smile:

2. landonaustin (Landon Austin)

When viewers see Landon’s videos, they know he’s got presence. When they hear his voice, they know he’s a star. This golden-voiced pop prince has a huge future ahead of him. Here’s the proof:

3. meganbatoon (Megan Batoon)

There’s nothing Megan can’t do. It’s clear she’s beautiful, smart, funny, awesome at dancing, and an actress with a wicked confidence, but did you know she’s also insanely fun to talk to? Watch her vlog with Timothy DeLaGhetto and you’ll get it.

4. melonie86 (Melonie Mac)

Melonie Mac’s got game—namely, video game. But also ‘game’ in the way you originally thought I meant it. She’s so deep into nerd culture it’s all over the background of every shot. But she’s also got legions of loyal fans growing by the day.

5. HurderOfBuffalo

Yes, he’s got a filthy mouth. But the fast-rising George is full of dry British wit along with some less-dry American-style prankster comedy. His rise has been meteoric, and he won’t rest until his rise returns to Earth to conquer all humans:

Which other YouTubers do you think are going to be the multi-platinum selling, MLG competition–winning, snort-milk-out-of-your-nose funny, superstars of the future? Let us know in the comments. And for all you creators out there, keep putting those lovely faces on camera!

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