Drive traffic using YouTube end cards

With the millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every week, how can you break through? And when you do capture an audience, how can you keep them watching for as long as possible? End cards can help!

What are end cards?

As the name suggests, end cards pop up at the end of your videos. They can be a powerful call to action driving your viewers to additional content that you want them to see next. This extra content can be anything from behind-the-scenes footage to older videos, other YouTube channels, or even approved merch links.

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Unlike YouTube’s branding intros, end cards need to actually be part of your video file. A good guideline is to use the last 10 seconds of your video to your end card so your viewers have enough time to take it in.

How many components should your end card have? Up to you. But many creators have found success with end cards that include two strong videos, a subscribe button, and a merch store (if you have one).

Building an end card

This is the tricky part! YouTube doesn’t yet offer a tool to help you auto-assemble end cards, so you’ll need to draw on your design skills. At the bottom of this post, you can download a simple end card template to help you get started!

When building your end card, you can use either still images or video to showcase additional content. Whichever option you choose, make sure it captures your viewer’s attention and entices them to click.

You may also want to add additional calls to action on your end card, such as a subscribe button, a link to another YouTuber you’ve collabed with, or any of the other actions that YouTube supports.

Annotating the end card

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you need to annotate the placeholders that you designed into your end card. Check out our recent post about InVideo Programming and annotations to understand the different types of annotations that are available.

When working with end cards, you’ll likely want to use the Spotlight annotation so that you can see through to the content previews that you included.

A basic end card template to get you started!

fullscreen end card template

Download End Card!