Grow your channel income with Spreadshirt!


Have you ever thought about how you can make more money with your YouTube channel? Setting up a merch store on Spreadshirt is a great path to a steady income stream that doesn’t require much upkeep!

Fullscreen has negotiated a special deal for our creators that saves you 5% on of all base product prices—T-shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, smartphone cases, and more. For each product you sell through Spreadshirt, you keep 100% of the markup—so a cheaper base price means more money in your pocket!

How to set up your Spreadshirt store
How to access the Fullscreen discount if you already have a Spreadshirt store
  • Log in to your existing Spreadshirt store and find your contract number (also known as the user ID) on your homepage
  • Go to
  • On the right hand side (under “Existing Spreadshirt User?”), fill in:
    • Your Spreadshirt shop URL (e.g.,
    • Your contract number (user ID)
    • Your YouTube channel URL


Once you’re done, start uploading pre-made designs onto T-shirts or create your own!

How to promote your merch store

Once your merch is ready to go, you can promote your products in a few ways. Add a Spreadshirt icon to your channel banner on YouTube. Tell your social followers about your merch store (but don’t go overboard and spam them). And remember to include a link to your Spreadshirt store in your annotations or end cards on each video you upload. Good luck!