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In March 2015, Fullscreeners will hit Austin, Texas, to showcase how creators are becoming brands, how brands are becoming online video creators, and how to build killer products.

The Fullscreen team—including influential creators and industry leaders in branding and advertising, talent management, production, technology and product design—has lined up a slew of panels that you won’t want to miss.

Check out our pitches below, click on the links, and sign in to the SXSW Panel Picker to get your vote on before voting ends on September 5th.


Interactive: The Science of Mind-Blowing Videos


Join asapSCIENCE (with 2.7M YouTube subscribers); Katrina Craigwell, head of global digital programming from GE; and Fullscreen’s SVP of sales and brand strategy, Jonah Minton, as they discuss the science of how to keep an ever-elusive online audience engaged.


Interactive: The Secret Sauce of Transformational Products


Fullscreen’s head of product, Matt Danna, serves up the ingredients on how to create transformative products. Product managers, designers, and marketers: if you want to learn how to turn your products from transactional to transformational, this one’s for you.


Interactive: Build It Faster with Collaborative UX Prototyping


Fullscreen’s VP of product design, Jay Stakelon, takes a deep dive into collaborative UX prototyping, techniques and tools, and balancing team sessions with individual design explorations.


Interactive: Why You’re Not an Internet Sensation


Screw Attack’s Craig Skistimas wants to help you in your quest to become the next big thing online.


Film/Interactive: How Next-Gen Filmmakers Are Changing Hollywood


Fullscreen’s Larry Shapiro, Preferred Content’s Kevin Iwashina, filmmaker ScottDW, and Deadline Hollywood’s David Bloom discuss how emerging filmmakers will rewrite the Hollywood rules to jump the chasm from digital shorts to feature films and TV series.


Film/Interactive: Community Is the New Hollywood Currency

SXSW_PP_v4 (4)

Fullscreen’s Andrew Graham, creator Shanna Malcolm, Ben Gigli of 5-Second Films, RockStream Studios’ Michael Goldfine, and Mashable’s Josh Dickey discuss how a new wave of trailblazing talent rallies communities around its content.


Film/Interactive: Vids on the Verge: Influencer Marketing 2.0


Hear from creators ScottDW and FreshBigMouf, who reach millions of viewers on YouTube; Mountain Dew’s digital marketing lead, Christine Ngo; and Fullscreen’s VP of sales and brand strategy, Justin Danko, as they discuss the anatomy of a strong collaboration between brands and creators on the rise.