Channel Plus YouTube scorecard: Chevrolet

Here on Fullscreen’s Channel Plus team, it’s always nice to find a brand on YouTube that “gets it.” YouTube is unlike any other social network, and deciphering what it takes to run a successful channel is a feat unto itself. That’s what made reviewing Chevrolet‘s channel such a pleasure—many of YouTube’s best practices have already been implemented.

With a couple adjustments outlined below, we’re confident the Chevy channel can build upon its established success and further distinguish itself as the benchmark for automotive brands on YouTube.


Design is where Chevy needs the most help. While it appears that Chevy has paid attention to choosing the most interesting thumbnail available through YouTube’s default options, there’s room for improvement: Chevy could use template overlays in conjunction with custom images. Video thumbnails are your brand’s first impression on YouTube, so they’re your chance to make sure you’re showing your best face to the world.


Someone’s read the YouTube Creator Playbook! Chevy does a great job with their metadata—for the most part, titles and descriptions are on point. Aside from a few additions of SEO-heavy tags and boilerplate video descriptions with short links to drive social and channel subscriptions, Chevy does solid work with their video metadata.


Chevy succeeds in segmenting its content into playlists, which are important for YouTube’s algorithm since they help drive watch time. The channel serves as a great resource for vehicle highlights but falls short in exploring the community surrounding Chevy enthusiasts.

Chevrolet is one of America’s most trusted car brands, with deep roots in the gearhead community—and it could capitalize on this relationship with programming centered around it. We suggest a more robust original programming strategy supplemented by influencer collaboration to supercharge the view engine—pun most definitely intended.