Meet Fullscreen’s top gamers

As a form of entertainment, gaming has yet to take off on television. Sure, we play games on TV sets, but for the most part, appreciating gaming as not only an art form and medium but also as a spectator sport simply hasn’t translated to mainstream media—yet.

But YouTube lifts our favorite pastime into the forefront of entertainment. When the top channel on YouTube belongs to a gamer (PewDiePie), there’s no denying that gaming is here to stay. We at Fullscreen represent some amazing gamers, and here are five of our favorites.


Swiftor adds a level of showmanship to YouTube gaming never seen before. He creates his own mini-games within his games and incorporates his subscribers by using online multiplayer to create environments featuring interactive contestants. Watch his comedy series “LOL Idol” to see what we mean.


If there’s one videogame that owes its massive fan base to YouTube, it’s Minecraft—and a group that understands this best is PopularMMOs. Boasting 1.6 million subscribers and the ability to mod Minecraft in infinite ways, there’s simply no telling what PopularMMOs will do next in the pixelated sandbox.


Scott Manley refers to himself as “the Astronogamer—a rare fusion of gaming and science in one powerful combination.” Who knew any of us could learn about astrophysics while we game? Now, thanks to the Astronogamer, we can tell our parents that indeed gaming isn’t bad for us.


TheKingNappy loves Pokémon—and really, what’s not to love? The series has so many games that you could spend your entire life playing all of them. And TheKingNappy has taken on such a challenge to unfathomable degrees of success. If you’re ever wondering what happens during any Pokémon game, TheKingNappy is the place to turn.

Ms HeartAttack

Ms HeartAttack is living proof that women not only game, but game as well as—if not better than—men. Check out all 25 series on her channel, ranging from “Killed by a Girl Rage” to “You Got Game.” You’ll soon see that Ms HeartAttack is a force to be reckoned with. Dare to challenge her? Just don’t rage out too much, or you’ll make a fool of yourself in one of her next viral hits!