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Animation is possibly the most complex form of motion pictures. Not only does it require skilled artists to produce single frames like traditional art, but then that art has to move and sync to sound. Digital software has democratized animation, just as digital cameras have done so for live action—and now more talented animators are popping up in the world, especially on YouTube.

Let’s meet five of Fullscreen’s best animators!

1. Counter656

No one in the world animates stop-motion action sequences quite like Counter656. Whether it’s a hyper-fantasized version of the only Mayweather-Pacquiao fight you’ll ever see, or a LEGO/Disney sponsorship pitting two different Johnny Depp characters against each other, nothing you see on film or TV lives up to Counter’s undeniable talent.

2. KartoonManagement

Who says you can’t get TV-quality programming on YouTube? They clearly haven’t seen KartoonManagement’s work. Of course he has his share of viral hits making fun of news stories, but those only come in between five seasons of Jay’s Life and the “freshman” season of his new show Barry Tales. Watch and you’ll learn that the Toonminati is indeed ready for prime time!

3. JelloApocalypse

Ever felt frustrated by the very things you love? JelloApocalypse knows your pain—and perfectly articulated those feelings in his viral hit “Welcome to YouTube.” By amassing more than 3 million views, he spawned the Welcome to series, skewering social media platforms with a combination of brilliant animation and acerbic wit. Keep an eye out for Jello’s next social media “victim.”

4. AnimatedJames

AnimatedJames is another fine example of a creator who’s prepared enough material to get on TV. He created and produced a pilot for his own show, C Students, which perfectly encapsulates all the emotions of being young with the silly antics and humor that only AnimatedJames can provide.

5. Sykohyko

We’re closing out our list strong with an animator who works professionally in the industry. When he’s not making us all laugh to tears with his Moolt and Abo & Caro cartoons, Sykohyko works at Warner Bros. Animation. Pretty cool, right?! You can certainly see that level of professionalism each time you watch one of his animated shorts.

We hope you enjoyed the tour! Who’s your favorite Fullscreen animator?