Fullscreen’s Next Episode

Friends of Fullscreen,

Almost four years ago today, I left an awesome job at YouTube to found a company focused on a new generation of creators. These creators are different in many ways. They are born on social media platforms. They build massive audiences from scratch and speak directly to their fans. They don’t wait for anyone’s permission to create because they have never known a gatekeeper. I named the company Fullscreen and was very fortunate to build a strong team of people who share my same passion.

What felt like the future of media four years ago has quickly become the new reality. Young audiences are spending an increasing amount of time online, and they’re falling in love with this new breed of creator personalities and stars. The mobile devices they use to watch are often the same devices they use to create. It’s a new world. Both Hollywood and Madison Avenue have recently taken notice and truly started to embrace this change.

Today, we are taking a major step forward in our mission to empower online creators and build what I hope will become a once-in-a-generation media company.

For the next chapter of our journey, we are teaming up with Otter Media, a venture between The Chernin Group and AT&T, and WPP will retain its stake in Fullscreen. Here is why this matters: Peter Chernin’s The Chernin Group (our first investor) brings unparalleled entertainment experience to Fullscreen, which is critical as our world continues to merge with the broader entertainment industry. AT&T is a worldwide leader in mobile, which is a key area of interest for us, and their TV footprint is poised to expand significantly. WPP will continue to serve as our valued partner in the world of advertising and marketing.

Together, we will expand Fullscreen from a powerful network of online creators to a major player in the future of “over the top” video; focused on programming with and for today’s young adults. Fullscreen will open up new opportunities for our creators, from enhanced tools in our Creator Platform and more sponsorship opportunities to high-profile original programming and live events. I am extremely grateful to our creators, our staff, our clients, our investors, and everyone who believed in our vision and supported us over the years.

Thank you,