Even more songs for Fullscreen musicians to cover!

Fullscreen musicians: exciting news!

Get ready to cover more songs

Our Cover Songs app has let you cover thousands of songs and monetize them on YouTube—but many of you are eager for more.

So we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with We Are The Hits to supercharge the Cover Songs app and give you access to 15 times more songs!

Now you can legally cover and monetize more than 3 million songs from the top music publishers in the world. The list includes over 85% of the Billboard Hot 100 charts!

How to get started

Ready to expand your already amazing library of covers? Head over to our Apps page and click on Cover Songs. The upload process is slightly different than it was before, so make sure to look over everything carefully.


Your cover songs will now be claimed by We Are The Hits, and payments will continue to come through Fullscreen.

NOTE: Usage of WATH is for cover songs only—it doesn’t grant you the license to use these songs in your YouTube videos in other ways (e.g., as background music). As a reminder, do not include music in your videos without a proper license.

Sound good? Now start recording!

If you have older cover songs on your channel, we’ll work to monetize those, too! No need to re-upload them. Due to volume, this process may take a while. Hang tight!