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If you’re a social media enthusiast, 2010 should hold a very special place in your heart. Not only was it the year Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, it also was the birth of the procrastination-friendly app Instagram. Instagram was conceived by San Francisco–based developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who wanted to deliver an app that took advantage of people’s love of visual content and would satisfy our mobile-driven culture.

Flash forward four years, and 13% of all Internet users have an Instagram account—the app now attracts more than 200 million monthly active users.

Impressive, right?

Despite brands flocking to Instagram like Andrea Russett fans at a meet and greet, it’s influencers that drive Instagram culture. These key influencers don’t follow trends, they make them. Below are seven of Instagram’s connoisseurs of cool.


Genre: Gaming
Followers: 129K

Who said girls can’t be gamers? Gaming queen SSSniperwolf provides a balanced mixed of gameplay and vlogging content.



Crawford Collins

Genre: Vlogger
Followers: 491K

Crawford Collins’s comedic take on everyday realities have propelled his total social following past the 2 million mark! His brother, Weekly Chris, can also be found scattered throughout his profile.

Crawford Collins


Ricky Dillon

Genre: Vlogger
Followers: 1.3M

Ricky Dillon is the sketch comedy/musical king of the YouTube group Our2ndLife. His honest yet fun approach comes across in his sketches, characters and lively vlog videos.

Ricky Dillon


Andrea Russett

Genre: Vlogger
Followers: 1.9M

Andrea Russett is one of the defining millennials on YouTube, sharing her life and thoughts through videos laced with color, humor, and her energetic personality.

Andrea Russett


Megan Nicole

Genre: Musician
Followers: 326K

Pop vocalist Megan Nicole tackles both originals and cover songs on her channel with a high level of talent that has earned her tons of opportunities, like performing on Radio Disney.

Megan Nicole


K.L. Cao

Genre: Fashion/DIY
Followers: 47K
K.L is the ultimate beauty vlogger who does a bit of everything: hair, makeup, and do-it-yourself fashion.



Shanna Malcolm

Genre: Vlogger
Followers: 82K

Sassy and smart, comedian Shanna Malcolm has grown an impressive YouTube following through funny videos that usually feature her friends, including Shane Dawson and Brittani Louise Taylor.

shanna malcolm instagram
Who’s your favorite Instagram influencer? While you ponder, check out @Fullscreen_inc!

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