YouTube Fan Funding is coming!


Over the last month, YouTube began to roll out a beta program for a brand new feature called Fan Funding, which lets fans support the channels they love by making voluntary tips directly to them using Google Wallet. Here’s how it works!

Fan Funding eligibility

Once YouTube rolls out Fan Funding to everyone, you’ll need to meet the following eligibility guidelines if you want to use it:

  • Have a YouTube account in good standing (no copyright strikes, Terms of Use / Terms of Service strikes, or third-party global blocks)
  • Meet the criteria for YouTube partnership (if you’re already partnered with Fullscreen, you can check off this box!)
  • Verify your YouTube account by phone (you can do this on the Features page)
  • Have an approved AdSense account linked to your YouTube account (once again, we’ve got your back on this one if you’re a Fullscreener!)
  • Be located in Australia, Japan, Mexico, or the United States (more countries to come)

Under Fan Funding, YouTube takes only a 5% transaction fee plus a nominal amount that varies by country (e.g., if a U.S.–based fan gives you a $10.00 voluntary payment, you’ll receive $9.29, while YouTube receives $0.71). You can find a full breakdown of fees here.

Fan Funding and Fullscreen creators

As a Fullscreener, we want you to know that Fullscreen will enable Fan Funding once it’s out of beta mode—and, most important, that Fullscreen will not take any cut of our creators’ Fan Funding dollars. You got the fans, you did the work, you deserve the cash! We want to empower our creators with the best resources available, and Fan Funding is one of many tools that you should use to grow your earnings, your channel, and your fan base.

As more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update all of you in our forums!