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Note: Some videos contain foul language. Viewer discretion advised!

Halloween is upon us, and we at Fullscreen are ready to bedeck our pets in cute costumes, watch our favorite horror movies, and eat an absurd amount of chocolate.

But what does it really take to do Halloween right? To help out, we asked Fullscreeners to send some videos to our Twitter account, and we came up with a list. Here we go!

DO carve a pumpkin. It’s Halloween—go for it! Take a look at the one RolyUnGashaaHD made.

DO watch your favorite horror movies, but DON’T get killed if you’re stuck in one (somehow). YouAreNotImpressed breaks down how to survive one.


DO wear a costume—especially one can terrify folks, like JaredTV did with his prank.


DON’T be like these types of trick-or-treaters on Halloween, as shown in this collab video by KEITHthe3rd and alexissportsmusic.


And most of all? DON’T do anything TheChizShow says in this rant here. Seriously. Just . . . just don’t.


How will you be spending your Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Be safe, have fun, enjoy lots and lots of candy! Happy early Halloween!