YouTube as a marketing platform

For some creators, online video is a living. Some of the very top stars earn as much as six or seven figures each year from YouTube alone. But the vast majority of online video creators don’t make enough ad revenue to support themselves and turn content creation into a full-time job.

What’s more, literally millions of new monetizable videos are uploaded to YouTube each day, so YouTube’s ad inventory is spread out further than ever before—which means some creators are seeing their ad earnings drop. So how can you use YouTube as a marketing platform to drive earnings from other sources?

Don’t limit yourself to YouTube

Don’t get me wrong, I love YouTube. But as a businessman, I’ve realized that I can’t limit myself to just one platform, even if the majority of my followers use that platform.

Circling your audience through different platforms can not only help you grow your off-YouTube presence but increase revenue as well. If you’re part of the Fullscreen creator network, we recently teamed up with Epoxy to bring you their amazing social tools that cover Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more—absolutely free!

Drive traffic

Simply telling your audience to go to your website usually isn’t enough to get them to do it. With so many distractions, viewers need a reason to visit your website. So why not give them one?

Many creators, including yours truly, release exclusive content on the platforms we want to push traffic to. For example, you could offer your viewers:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Downloadable content
  • Contests

Giving your fans that extra something can help keep traffic flowing.

Monetize everywhere

Once you start to see an increase in traffic to your other platforms, the next step is to monetize. Whether in digital or physical goods, you’ll find opportunities to make money beyond ads. For example:

  • Merchandise (shirts, prints, etc.)
  • Premium digital content
  • Third-party ads through AdSense

If you’re looking to sell merchandise, remember that Fullscreeners are able to sign up for a Spreadshirt Premium account at no additional cost!

Now, get cracking and build your media empire!