Don’t get suspended for tag spam!

Content creators! You may be aware already, but a heads up: over the last few months, YouTube has been issuing community strikes on videos that contain tag spam—unnecessary and excessive tags in their descriptions. So we wanted to let you know how you can avoid violating YouTube’s policy while still driving traffic effectively to your videos.

You might assume that stuffing your video descriptions with extra keywords will help your YouTube search ranking—but the reality is quite the opposite. Too many extra keywords can not only hurt your videos’ search ranking but can also result in a strike against your account.

Here’s an example of tag spam:


YouTube has shut down some channels who violate its tag spam policy—regardless of channel size. We’ve seen both small and large channels suspended for excessive tag spam.

How to protect yourself

If you’ve engaged in overzealous tagging and your channel is still active, your best bet is to start removing those extra tags from your video descriptions right away. Old videos are just as prone to suspension as new videos. But if you clean up your tags now, you should be able to avoid any bad consequences.

If your YouTube account is suspended for tag spamming, you’re free to contact Fullscreen support, but please keep in mind that these tag spam rules come from YouTube, not Fullscreen, and YouTube is unlikely to restore your account.

How to use descriptions and tags effectively

For more info on how you should use metadata to drive traffic to your videos, check out our posts on descriptions and tags from a few months back.

Good luck with your videos!