Launching Fullscreen Films

“Camp Takota” turned out to be one of the best experiences of my career. Collaborating with such a group of talented and creative people, we got to change up the rules, make a great movie, and have more fun then I’ve ever had before. It was literally like going to camp every day.

So, it got me thinking, how do you recreate this in a bigger way? How do you collaborate on films with creators that have amazing ideas and stories that aren’t being told in this way anywhere else?

Well, the simple answer is to find some folks who share your vision. That’s how we’ve come to form Fullscreen Films, and today, I couldn’t be happier to announce our debut slate.

Our first three projects signify our commitment to produce movies at the highest quality bar. These movies allow talent who typically work in six-second or three-minute formats to tell more immersive stories and build stronger relationships with their communities.

“The Outfield” starring Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas kicks off production this weekend. I’m personally very excited, after developing this for over a year with them specifically in mind. We’ve got a great team behind it, and the story is personal to me since I based it on the small town where I grew up. Follow more about the film while in production at

Last summer, I spent several weeks living on a bus with O2L, six social media stars. Pretty glamorous, right? In truth, it was actually pretty amazing. We got an up close and personal look at six creators on a sold out cross-country tour. From the quiet moments back stage to the barrage of screaming fans who connect with these guys on levels that need to be seen to be believed, “#O2LForever” captures everything. The uninitiated will walk away with a better understanding of Internet fame, and true fans will have a time capsule that holds the legacy of this incredible group who inspired an entire generation.

Rooster Teeth are always at the cutting edge of the industry, and Burnie, Matt and the crew have done something extraordinary with “Lazer Team.” This is a film that showcases their creative depth, some amazing special effects work, and the true power of a dedicated fanbase, which helped tear down all previous Indiegogo funding records.

We feel incredibly lucky to be making these films already, and on behalf of Fullscreen, we’re excited to make even more great content with you. Find out more about the films we’ve announced today below, and stay tuned for more Fullscreen Films, shorts and shows set to hit your screens in 2015.

—Michael Goldfine, chief content officer, Fullscreen

“The Outfield,” which goes into production this week, follows a trio of varsity baseball players as they enter their senior year of high school and navigate difficult choices on and off the field. Nash Grier makes his acting debut as Jack Sanders, one of Illinois’ best center-fielders, starring alongside Cameron Dallas as Frankie Payton, Jack’s longtime best friend. Michael Goldfine, chief content officer for Fullscreen and producer of “Camp Takota,” co-directs the film with Eli Gonda, based upon a story by Goldfine. Grier and Dallas are represented by WME, which packaged the project.

In Rooster Teeth’s “Lazer Team,” four small-town losers stumble across an alien crash site. Suddenly, they’re bound together by an incredible battle suit that forces them to save humanity against an omnipotent enemy. They may not be strong, smart or talented, but they’re Lazer Team. Rooster Teeth’s first feature film, currently in post-production, set a record as the highest-funded Indiegogo campaign in the platform’s history. “Lazer Team” was directed by Matt Hullum and written by Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais and Joshua Flanagan.

“#O2LForever” is the final account of the now-defunct vlogging supergroup Our 2nd Life (O2L), who quickly became teen idols, akin to “A Hard Days Night” Beatlemania, with their mix of video diaries, skits and music on YouTube. During the group’s 2014 North American tour assembled by DigiTour Media, Connor Franta, Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran and Sam Pottorff embarked upon a landmark trip, documented by Michael Goldfine, that exposes the trials of friendship, brotherhood and what it means to be “Internet famous” both online and in real life. Though they may not produce content as a group anymore, this film encapsulates the power of authentic connections and O2L’s lasting legacy among millions of fans worldwide. Fullscreen executive produced the film in association with DigiTour Media.