Amp up your channel income with mid-roll ads

What’s up, video addicts! At Fullscreen we’re always looking for ways to help creators earn more money both on and off YouTube. And we’ve got some new advice for you—about mid-rolls!

What are mid-rolls?

Mid-rolls are ads that you can place in the middle of your videos—just like the commercial breaks of the TV world. Mid-roll ads are incredibly valuable and can quickly boost your earnings big time.

Keep in mind that mid-rolls are available only on long-form videos (which YouTube defines as videos 10 minutes in length or longer). If your video qualifies as long form, you can place a mid-roll on that video at any timecode after the 07:00 mark.

What mid-rolls can do for you

We recently ran an experiment to see how much mid-rolls could do for creators. To start, we took a bunch of long-form videos on a channel and dropped ads into each video at exactly the 07:00 mark. We figured this would hurt video retention: we assumed CPM and earnings wouldn’t improve much because people would leave the video before the ad ran.

Well, were we wrong! On the channel we tested, CPMs increased by 19.27% overall, and 26.43% on long-form videos specifically! We also saw that overall channel retention actually improved by 0.45%.

Retention on the long-form videos did drop by 3.93%, but the average viewer left the video at the 08:09 mark—after the ad. Which means the mid-roll didn’t hurt retention.

What to do next

So, in short: if you have long-form content and want to see a 20–30% boost in your CPM, we strongly encourage you to enable mid-roll ads on your videos. (And for a quick brush-up on CPM basics, click here.)

If you’re part of the Fullscreen network and you have a lot of long-form content—we’re looking at you, gamers—you can always reach out to your Fullscreen partner manager or email Fullscreen support for help managing mid-rolls on your whole video library. We’ve got some really awesome tools and can handle this for you quickly!

Fullscreen is here to help support you and answer any questions you have about mid-rolls as part of your channel strategy. Thanks, and good luck with your videos!