Introducing Fullscreen Uploader for Facebook Video

Video creators! As you know, your fans are everywhere. They spread across the globe. They follow you on countless social networks. And at Fullscreen, our mission is to empower you to grow those audiences—wherever they can be found.

You’ve probably noticed that native video on Facebook is growing. Facebook now sees more than 3 billion native video views per day—65% of them on mobile devices, where your fans increasingly are spending their time.

How Facebook video can help you grow

You need to be where your audiences are. Yes, there are huge audiences on YouTube, and there always will be. But you have followers on Facebook too. They may be different audiences than you reach on YouTube, and you don’t want them to miss out on your videos.

More and more people—including your fans—are discovering native video in their News Feed on Facebook. And based on our experience so far, you’ll see more views, likes, shares, and clicks back to your YouTube videos if you upload video natively to Facebook versus simply embedding. Although Facebook doesn’t let you monetize videos, it’s still a hugely powerful tool to grow your fan base.

Introducing Fullscreen Uploader

We know it can be tedious to upload the same video to multiple places. So today we’re thrilled to announce Fullscreen Uploader—a new tool that helps you reach wider audiences by publishing videos natively to both YouTube and Facebook, in one go!

Our Uploader is a one-stop way for you to upload, optimize, store, and manage all your videos, straight from our Creator Platform. It’ll help you not only upload but also design thumbnails, get your SEO right, and store your original, uncompressed video files for safekeeping.

How Fullscreen Uploader helps

With Fullscreen Uploader, you get:

  • Distribution: Now you only need to upload each video once, then choose where and when you want to publish it.
  • Thumbnails: The thumbnail is the hook that lures in your viewers. Uploader helps you design eye-catching thumbnails with dozens of custom effects.
  • SEO help: Small tweaks to your titles, tags, and descriptions can really boost your search ranking and video views. Uploader gives you tips along the way to get all your metadata right.
  • Storage and backup: Now you can use our servers to store the full, raw files of all the videos you upload—for free! With unlimited storage, you’ll never worry about losing your work again.

How to get started

We’re rolling out Uploader starting next week, so stay tuned for an email from us! You’ll also see a new Stats page that shows your Facebook video analytics along with your YouTube stats.

Stay tuned for more exciting news soon—including tips on how to use Facebook Video in concert with YouTube, plus additional ways to build your audiences across social platforms. Good luck with your videos!