Fullscreen Uploader is here!

Nowadays, audiences are finding video content not just on YouTube but also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and beyond. As a creator, it can be tough keeping up with all these different platforms. And uploading and optimizing your new videos to each platform takes a lot of time.

So today we’ve launched the Fullscreen Uploader to make things easier for you. Now you can upload your video just once and publish to multiple platforms—starting with YouTube and Facebook—in one go!


Where you want, when you want

When you use the Fullscreen Uploader, you have complete control over which platforms your videos are published to and when they go live. Whether you want to publish right now or schedule for a future date, you can do it through our Uploader.

Custom thumbnails

The thumbnail is the hook that lures viewers to your video. Many viewers decide whether or not to watch a video simply because of the thumbnail. Not surprisingly, videos with carefully crafted custom thumbnails receive up to 20% more views than those without thumbnails.

Since not everyone has Photoshop (or loads of extra time), the Fullscreen Uploader includes a built-in thumbnail generator! Choose a frame, apply filters and effects, then add text, borders, stickers, and more! Your custom thumbnail will appear on both YouTube and Facebook!

Titles, tags, and descriptions that work

SEO (search engine optimization) is always a challenge. How long should your video titles be? How many words should you use in the description? When you use the Fullscreen Uploader, we’ll give you SEO tips along the way to help your video rise in the search rankings and get more views.

Store and back up your videos—free!

We’ve all had files go missing. Hopefully you’re already backing up your videos to an external hard drive. But for added security, the Fullscreen Uploader will store all your original, uncompressed video files for you. Save hard drive space and rest easy knowing you’ll never lose what you’ve created!

Get started!

It’s time. Head over to the Creator Platform and upload your first video! And this is just the beginning for our Uploader. If there are features you’d like to see, or additional platforms you’d like to publish to, please let us know on our forums. Good luck with your videos!